Friday, January 30, 2015

A February Stewardship Emphasis

Most of the time churches utilize September to focus on a stewardship emphasis, a pledge drive, or a financial campaign.  For some churches you can go ahead and mark your calendar by that fact.

Unfortunately, what that does is create an association between the words "stewardship" and "money."  Granted, there is a financial component to stewardship, but stewardship shouldn't be understood simply as asking for or setting aside money.

So what we wanted to do this month is focus on stewardship by demonstrating what our stewardship means as individuals and as a church.  To do that we will be having some special guests with us this month to demonstrate how much stewardship matters.

The 8th we will be having our Scout Sunday, which isn't unique to our church.  However, our Scouting program (Boys and Girls) is HUGE!  If you don't believe me, just come by the church on Monday and Tuesday nights.  The point is our stewardship makes a difference for them.  We provide financial assistance, sure.  But we also provide space for these groups to meet.  By being good stewards of our property, we can provide a gift of place to these groups.

On the 15th we will be hosting the choir from Tennessee Wesleyan College and hearing from the TWC chaplain, Dr. Chris Dover.  You may not realize it, but part of our offering goes to our conference colleges.  We help provide scholarships for students we may never meet, and that changes their lives.

And on the 22nd, Don Washburn from Camp Lookout will be with us to share the amazing ministries that take place at the camp.  It truly is a place that makes a difference in so many lives in so many ways - and our financial gifts, our time, and our dedication to support them goes to show just how much our stewardship matters!

Stewardship is more than that, though.  It is a dedication to utilize our resources to the best of our ability.  From keeping the lights on to sending mission teams out, stewardship takes all kinds of forms.  So come and be with us as we spend February seeing just how vast and varied stewardship really is - and how each of us can make a big difference in our church, our community, and in the lives of others.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Charles

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