Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Week

Holy Week is upon us and with it the strange reality of the dark side of the Christian story.

For many Christians, Holy Week isn't a pleasant topic on which to dwell.  That has to do with the fact that the story revolves around perceived betrayal, abandonment, misrepresentation, and the brutal execution of Jesus.  Not much joy to be found this week.

So why celebrate it?

It goes back to the role of Holy Week.  Beginning with Palm Sunday, we follow the story of Jesus' last week as he heads to the cross.  But if one jumps from Palm Sunday to Easter, we have a happy celebration (revolving around the Triumphal Entry) that is followed by another one on Easter.  To go from celebration to celebration is to miss a key tenant of the Gospel stories: to get to Easter involves a mournful road.  Or, as I have heard it, to get to Easter, one has to go to the cross and into the grave.
I invite you to come and be a part of this Holy Week as we worship and come together to remember the difficulty of Jesus' journey to the cross.

Holy Thursday service: 6:30 Thursday evening.
Good Friday service:  6:30 Friday evening.

Then, please plan to join us for the celebration for the most Holy day in the Christian tradition: Easter Sunday.
Sunrise service: 7am at Harrison Cemetery
Sunday service: 10:55

Join us for the larger journey that is Holy Week as it leads us to the celebration of Easter.

Grace and peace.
- Pastor Charles

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