Tuesday, May 2, 2017

This Sunday I am going to be focusing on the idea of spiritual growth and knowledge.  It is a series that I hope will help people to see that there is a wide variety to our faith and traditions as well as how we understand the role of scripture and theology.  I encourage and invite you to be a part of the series and to think about what it means to experience different stages of faith and growth.

For so many the idea of growing our faith is desirable, but seemingly unachievable.  Or, in some cases, we don’t know that our faith can grow any further than it already has.  But faith, like life, has stages.  And we have to learn how to move through them.

While we will be looking at particular stories and passages of scripture, the more important facet of this is series is that we all examine our own journey of faith.  Where are we?  Are we satisfied?  Do we think there is more, but just don’t know how to get there?  Or are we unaware that our faith can grow? 

We will begin with the idea of foundational faith and move into some more challenging aspects as the series progresses.  

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